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How do you structure your fees?


There is a flat fee for the design itself, based on the size and scope of the project. I also charge fees for procurement and installation, which will be included in your initial estimate. I am happy to segment your project into phases to accomodate the pace at which you are comfortable investing in your home.


What should my budget be for furnishings?


I like to create ballpark budgets based on the size of your space. If you're refurnishing a room, here's a range of budgets using a 250 sq. ft. living room as an example:

Good: $115/sq ft

Better: $155/sq ft

Best: $195/sq ft

You can expect to spend somewhere around $28,750.00 on furnishings alone, plus design, procurement and installation fees. 


Why do you charge a procurement fee?


Once I create - and you approve - your customized design, I begin to procure, or purchase, all of the items we've selected. There are many steps that go into ordering one item, let alone an entire room or house full of items. Here are the main ones:

1. First, I create purchase orders which includes size, color, material, quantity, and services.

2. I then identify vendors and negotiate the best terms, prices, and delivery schedules for your items.

3.Once I place the order, I'll confirm with the vendor that it was received.

4. I follow up again to make sure the order is in process.

5. I track the delivery of each order and handle all communication with the vendor, to address any shipping issues, damaged items, manage back orders, and return or replace incorrect items.

I take care of all of this so you don't have to stress about it.


Do you do renovations?


Yes! I offer project management services for kitchen and bathroom renovations. I have a few great contractors that I know, like, and trust to implement your vision. I will oversee their work and check in on the project weekly or daily if needed. I am also open to working with your contractor as well!

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