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What to Expect when you are Renovating your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are difficult and amazing, painful, but worth it, I hope for you, in the end. If you are just starting to think about your kitchen renovation keep these few ideas in mind:

1. Generally kitchen renovations cost, on the low end around $25,000.00 and then just go up from there. A typical run of the mill kitchen reno in the city of Philadelphia will cost around $35,000.00.

2. The biggest expense in any construction project is labor. A GC who pays their employees well, a decent living wage and has the proper insurances, liability and workmens comp (which is by the way a requirement mandated by the city of Philadelphia in order to obtain permits) should be able and willing to show you their labor costs vs. material cost so that you can see what the variables are in your kitchen design.

3. Contractors mark up the materials and here is why- it takes time to source and order materials, it also takes skill and experience in order to know how much to order and when to order the materials. It also costs money and takes time to rectify mistakes made sometimes by the distributors, for example when materials arrive damaged or the wrong size or color is sent. It also takes a history with vendors and suppliers to build to a relationship to get discounts and good service, which is often passed on to the client as an additional benefit.

4.Your house is going to be a mess, there is no way around it. We do our best to mitigate the mess, but there really is no way to get around the chaos that is going to be your house for a few weeks. It'll just be a few weeks and worth it in the end, but do expect drywall dust in your underwear drawer, I mean it just gets everywhere. So start your morning chanting I am not my surroundings. I find peace from within. Maybe that'll help?

5. Finally include a take-out allowance in your budget. You won't be able to cook for at least a few nights, and on the weekends you'll want to get out of the house to eat! So make sure you take that added expense into account.

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