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Add a Splash of Citrus to Fight the Winter Doldrums

Winter seemed to come late this year but with most of the U.S. experiencing freezing temps recently there’s no denying its arrival now. Something that helps get me through some of the shortest days of the year is to invite spring into my life a little early by adding touches of citrus throughout my home.

To me, citrus colors represent spring in all its glory. These vibrant colors are fun to decorate and play with and adding just a little splash here and there can make a bold statement. The beauty of citrus hues and schemes is that they never go out of style, and they pop against almost any backdrop. It’s amazing how a splash of lemony yellow, grapefruit pink, or sunny orange can enliven and rejuvenate your home during the coldest months. Personally, I love using a citrus color accessory with a neutral piece of furniture.

Here are a few tips for you to experiment and play with different citrus-colored accessories from Anthropologie, West Elm, and Annie Selke.

Be Bold With Your Area Rugs

I love all the colors in this beautiful gradient rug. Don't be shy about using brighter hues with textiles as they can easily changed out throughout the seasons.

Sunshine-Colored Master Bedroom

This yellow bedding Anthropologie has out right now is fun and light and we all could use a refresh in our bedrooms right now, right?

Don't Overlook Your Shower Curtains!

This shower curtain really makes a beautiful statement in this guest bathroom. The fabric has stripes of tangerine, grapefruit, and lemon that bring a bit of color to this serene bathroom.

Fresh & Funky Seating

Don’t just limit yourself to bright solid hues—look at this gorgeous patterned Anthropologie chair. It may not bring an end to winter any time soon, but in this chair, at least we can daydream. 

So what do you think? Are you ready for some citrusy splashes around your home? If you need a hand working these colors or any other favorites into your decor, give me a call at 215.837.5060. I would love to help!

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